Here at MQ911 we ourselves train constantly and are always discovering new things due to the large number of diverse athletes we work with from all across the country. Daily we dial in the nutritional and weight training protocols for bodybuilders, power lifters, boxers, marathon runners, iron man competitors, ultimate fighters, figure competitors, people getting ready for their physicals tests for hiring and promotions along with people just trying to lose 15 pounds. We can tell you what works and what is really a waste of time. We know there is nothing more frustrating than chugging along in the gym and getting no where, its kind of like going to work and not getting a paycheck isn't it? Hell if you are going to look the same why go thru all the effort, right?

What kind of training information will you find here? Training that works for the drug free lifter who must get results. We don't write or even train steroid shooting athletes—period! You must understand that training drug free is a whole different animal and there may times we don't tell you want to hear but we will tell you the truth. To get mind blowing results drug free you have to bust your ass and really watch your nutritional program. You will have to work harder than the drug users, the long term benefit is that the majority of your gains will be with you longer, and you will be as healthy on the inside as you appear on the outside, which is not the case at all for the shortcut steroid users. I am going to admit to you right now that I used steroids in the early 80’s at levels that are very low by today’s standards, and I have competed against the drug users in the 90’s at the national level and I can tell you firsthand that the steroid destination my friend is not anywhere most adults really want to go. Most people have no idea how much they can achieve naturally and the fact is that today’s supplements can get you further, healthier, than most of the junk from years ago if you just train and eat correctly.

Well getting people results and saving them money is really what we are great at so check out some of the articles from our archives and you may notice that you may have already read many of them in leading fitness magazines over the past few years!

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