One of US Lost 100 lbs!

Here is a letter I received from a customer of ours who has lost over 100 pounds! Hell that is nearly a backstreet boy! Hector has made such an impact on those around him that I actually found out about his story not from him, but from his friends and co-workers at the Arkansas Valley Correctional facility in Crowley, Colorado that started to call and order. I kept getting calls asking to buy the “same stuff that Hector is taking”, so after hearing this about 30 times I thought I should find out what the hell Hector has done.

I found out that Hector lost a whole bunch of unhealthy fat in a real short period of time. His friends kept telling me “Rich you should use Hector in your ads, you would not believe what he has done”. Well I want to do more than just another ad showing before and after pics with my product taking all the credit (like all the other products do). I finally met Hector in person when I was at the AVCF pentathlon last fall and we had a chance to discuss what he did and how he did it.

I found his story remarkable because he went a different path than most but still got to the destination. His story just proves there is more than one way to get into shape, and contrary to what the infomercials on TV and radio tell you, it takes more than just popping “fatburner” pills! Make no mistake Hector is not a paid endorsement, in fact he has never even asked for any free product in exchange for his story. This does not mean that I am not going to take good care of Hector in someway, but I want you to know I did not “buy” his story or take all the credit for his success. His success is due to him. Yes my product helped and I saved him a whole lot of money and aggravation during his journey to fitness but he did the work.

When I asked him for a testimonial letter I asked for a letter describing the mental aspect of his journey not the usual “I did 8 million sit ups, ate 16 ounces of chicken breasts, and drank a reservoir of water everyday” I wanted him to tell me what he was thinking, why he wanted to change, and what kept him on track long enough to succeed. Why? Because there are many magazines full of diets and exercise plans, but I wanted to show what kind of mindset you will need to succeed for the long haul. Too many people start with a radical diet & exercise plan in January and quit by March, because the plans just can’t be followed consistently by working people with growing families, and the haphazard schedules we almost all live by day to day. Many of these plans only serve to make fitness another burden to carry (like we don’t have enough). Hectors’ view of achieving fitness is just what the doctor ordered, so read his letter and approach it in the same way he did and I bet you reach the same destination, happy and proud like Hector did!