Millennium 2000

60 day Supply

Millennium 2000 has been overhauled and radically improved based on the latest nutritional research on hard training athletes. Millennium 2000 is a high performance vitamin you will feel from the first day you take it! It is designed to breakdown in your digestive system in only 15 minutes with the proper timing for maximum nutrient utilization. Did you know that many of the leading cheaper mass market brands of vitamin/mineral supplements don’t even break down after four hours or more because they are compressed so hard. Your digestive system can’t even break them down. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it is literally impossible for you to utilize nutrients that you can’t digest. Taken early in the day with your first meal or shake, M2K delivers you the most complete micronutrient spectrum available.

Please don’t make the mistake of shortchanging your gains simply because you are deficient in 1 or 2 seemingly unimportant vitamins or minerasl. Think of your computer keyboard, most have 101 keys, right? Well lets take away 10 or 11 seemingly unimportant keys and see how well your computer works. The same thing literally happens to your body. Most people have no idea how truly important all the different vitamins and minerals are in all the processes of repair and rebuilding that us athletes put our bodies thru everyday.

Our M2K formula costs you 25 cents a day, and at that low price this has got to be the cheapest nutritional insurance you can buy. We package M2K in a 60 day supply to eliminate the lab proven - substantial nutrient diminishing effects of oxidation that occurs from the daily opening and closing of the larger size bottles commonly used by other less knowledgably supplement companies. M2K equals maximum nutrients, maximum absorption, maximum personal performance, minimum price!