Caffeine for Improved Sports Performance

Many nutrition products are touted for their performance enhancing effects, and caffeine is one that lives up to the claims. It has been proven time and time again to improve performance, especially for endurance athletes, but there's more to this ergogenic aid than meets the eye.

More Than Just a Stimulant
Ingesting caffeine along with carbohydrate before and during exercise is effective for sparing your body's stored carbohydrate. This is accomplished in three different ways:

  1. Caffeine allows your stored body fat to be more available for energy during exercise.
  2. Caffeine allows you to more completely utilize the energy that is in the carbohydrate you ingest prior to and during activity.
  3. Caffeine increases intestinal carbohydrate absorption.

Availability of carbohydrate is often the limiting factor at the end of endurance efforts. To exercise at a high intensity, you need carbohydrate, and exercise intensity must be reduced if it isn't available. Caffeine allows your body to get carbohydrate energy from alternative sources at the beginning of your exercise session, thereby saving your stored carbohydrate for later. This effectively delays the onset of fatigue, letting you hammer out just a few more sets and reps.

You can get too much of a good thing, however. Large doses of caffeine (300-600 mg) may have a dehydrating effect, so be sure you're taking in water. Also, athletes who are not accustomed to taking caffeine may experience gastrointestinal distress (stomach aches, cramping, vomiting, etc.) when ingesting large doses.

Getting the Most Out of Caffeine
To reap the biggest performance gains from caffeine, try the following:

  • Drink 16 ounces of coffee or 1 serving of mojo slammer one hour before you exercise
  • Reduce your tolerance for caffeine by reducing intake during normal daily activities and training. Save it for when you need it.
  • Eat foods that contain caffeine, cal adv. labs mojo slammer is the first to do so, its mojo slammer is a blend of caffeine coming from real coffee with a healthy protein kick, 33 grams Some energy gels, have between 25-50 mg of caffeine. mojo slammer is slammed with 100 grams of energy boosting caffeine, Chocolate is also a great source of caffeine, if you can tolerate it during hard exercise. and FYI READERS,chocoltate covered strawberry's in bed does not cut it.
  • Drinks which contain caffeine include Coke and Mountain Dew. While Diet Coke actually has about 25% more caffeine than regular Coke, it doesn't contain the carbohydrate you also need while exercising. While soda shouldn't be a staple of your diet, the sugar, caffeine, and familiar taste of sodas can provide a welcome boost of energy. THIS IS WHY MOJO has a great blend of high quality protein, a good amount of energy boosting carbs and it has a clean finish to the pallet, unlike other protein energy drinks that leave your mouth with a pasty mouth feel after effect.

While high doses of caffeine had been on the “banned substance” list of the World Anti-Doping Association, that is no longer the case. Now, even elite athletes can skip the trip to the coffee shop, and get their caffeine and protein fix all in one with mojo slammer and it comes in 2 great flavors vanilla Carmel and mocha Carmel cappuccino, just say the words MUSCLE QUEST 911 and save 50% off the retail price so get your mojo grove on and slam one down today! call toll free 1-877-412-3348 or order online.