Since 1995, the goal of California Advanced Labs has been to provide advanced affordable nutrition with the ultimate in safe, high quality, scientifically researched, and gym proven nutritional supplements while delivering unparalleled value and customer service.

The MQ-911 direct sales wholesale program was started by C.A.L in the summer of 2000 as our way of saying thanks and to show our appreciation for the unselfish jobs you do by offering you individually, the ability to purchase our supplements at true wholesale cost, delivering un-paralleled value, hassle free buying and convenient delivery to your door via UPS, much in the same way Dell Inc. sells computers direct to the consumer. With all due respects to Dell Inc., (who is way bigger due to Mike Dell himself having far more brain power than I can even imagine) we agree with them completely that the most efficient path to the customer is thru a direct relationship without resellers who often times add only confusion and mistranslations by uneducated sales people due to their lack of product knowledge and even worse, the unavoidable higher cost to you the consumer having to pay for this misguidance.

We only offer products that are nearly universally accepted by the nutritionally educated. No unproven - “sell it today and we will find out tomorrow if it really works” stuff here!

Cheaper than anyone else! Smokin’ great deals!

Hey it doesn't take a brain surgeon to find a website that sells supplements cheap, the fact is there are a ton of them already! What is hard is finding one with integrity. I admit you may find some products somewhere else for a buck or two cheaper. But overall you will spend far less with us, because what we do differently here at MQ911.COM is offer only products that really work and then offer you a great deal on those. I am sorry but I don't believe in my heart that a real low price on a product, that I know is bull shit, is really helping you in the long run. I mean really, how great of an overall deal was the cheapest cabin on the Titanic! We kind of act like the law enforcement of nutritional supplements here trying to weed out as best as we can the good from the bad and save you time, money and frustration by performing this service, and as a result when you buy from us you will often find yourself buying far less of a variety of different products, and even better yet - spending far less on the fewer products you do buy! Lets face it, how many products did you take 5 years ago that you still use today? The short list is probably: protein, multi-vitamins, and creatine. These 3 alone will do wonders if taken as we direct you to!

Who Qualifies?

You are qualified in the “911” wholesale program as long as you are employed by or retired from any branch of law enforcement, fire department, rescue team, department of corrections, and all branches of the military & armed services. No minimums, memberships, or dues to pay – just call and order.

Ordering from us is really quick and convenient. Visit the “Buy Now” page, have your credit card information ready and place your secure order.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, hey even if the label color offends you - please call us and we will respond to your concerns quickly and courteously - If you are not happy with any of our products return the remaining product (call us for complete instructions) and your credit card will be credited accordingly. It is our intentions for California Advanced Laboratories and the MQ-911 program to become your number one source for nutritional supplements and information.